Welcome to the “Kalypso” hotel – Primorsko

“Kalypso” is perfect for summer tourism, for accommodation as it is situated 26 km south of Sozopol, 52 km south of Burgas and 442 km South-east of Sofia. The “Kalypso” hotel is situated at the “Kiupria cape, recessed between the “Stamopolu” and “Diavolskia” gulfs. We provide you with accommodation and reservations at the “Kalypso” family hotel, which works yearly and combines a vacation by the sea with a vacation in the mountains in a unique way.

Now the Primorsko resort, where “Kalypso” is build, is famous with it’s astonishing nature, beautifl and romantic, because it is surrounded by the forests of the great “Strandja” mountains and among the natural park from century old trees 80 rest stations, hotel “Kalypso”, hotels, homes and summer rest bases are located.


Most characteristic for Primorsko is that it is known as the youth town of “Kalypso”. Here young people find the best conditions for relaxation at the affordable prizes of “Kalypso” Primorsko. For many tourists there are various places, like – cafes, discos, restaurants, bars, candy shops, summer theater and playing fields and those of hotel “Kalypso” Primorsko. The atmosphere here is pleasant, because this is a youth centre attracting students from different countries in the “Kalypso” hotel. Our family hotel “Kalypso” is constantly updating and next to the Hotel “Kalypso” there are new functional facilities for resting, sports, tourism, adventures and fun.

“Kalypso” is situated in the beautiful town of Primorsko, works yearly and combines a vacation by the sea with a vacation in the mountains in a unique way!

The “Kalypso” Hotel has the famous 10 km beach available with its golden bright sand. The ”Kalypso” Hotel, Primorsko, is situated near one of the longest and most attractive beaches over our entire coastline. The climate here is close to the Mediterranean and its distinctive with its warm and sunny days, with an average temperature of 24° С. Hotel “Kalypso” has air conditioning in the hotel apartments. Days at “Kalypso” Hotel are refreshing thanks to the marine winds and the freshness of the nearby forest, and the nights are soft and enjoyable. The unique nature surrounding the “Kalypso” hotel supplies the conditions for a relaxing holiday.


North of the “Kalypso” hotel is the estuary of the “Ropotamo” river and cape “Maslen nos” , whose wild and irresistible nature attracts tourists with its fiords. The scenic panoramic route connects the “Kalypso” hotel with nearby resorts such as “Diuni”, the “Kalypso” hotel and Kiten, the “Kalypso” hotel and “Perla” camping.

With Pleasure we present family hotel “Kalypso”. Enjoy our perfect base for accommodation in hotel “Kalypso”., and the created with love: Irish pub “Kalypso”, Summer garden “Kalypso” BBQ with cheverme, authentic wine cellar “Kalypso”. We invite you to historical or rural tourism with “Kalypso”, yachting with hotel “Kalypso”, to the safaris organized by the hotel “Kalypso” and a picnic with the hotel “Kalypso”.


We are confident that we can meet the necessary conditions for joint work in hotel “Kalypso”. The hotel "Kalypso" have professionally decorated units in the hotel "Kalypso" and all necessary facilities in the hotel "Kalypso" and the elements to serve guests "Kalypso", internet connection (Wi-fi), in hotel "Kalypso" fax and copy machines at hotel "Kalypso" for business-oriented hotel guests "Kalypso".

Dear customers, please note that a paid deposit is not refundable.

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